Do it yourself (DIY) Airconditioning Service solutions

How can I clean my unit myself?

Start by turning your unit off at the isolator (turn the circuit breaker off in your metre box or turn off the switch next to your unit).  Clean the outdoor unit by removing all leaves, cobwebs and wash with your garden hose (making sure you still stay away from the electrical panels).  Remove the return air filter and wash from back to front and front to back (allow it to dry and then replace the filter).  Clean the exit point of the condensate drain.  Finish by pruning all the nearby bushes/hedges at least 400mm away from all sides of the outdoor unit.


How often should I clean my filters?

Ideally …you should wash filters every couple of months.  This also depends on your floor coverings ie tiles, timber floor coverings equate to washing your filter more often.   You should be able to see the material of the filter, so if you can’t see it….take this is a prompt to give it a quick wash!


How often should I change filters?

This depends on the materials the filter is made from e.g… Universal washable filter (domestic only)…annually.   Commercial units should have disposable filters.


How often should I have my unit serviced?

If you have a domestic unit the answer is annually.

If you have a commercial unit then quarterly service is the answer!

Sometimes …depending on where you live, and you may need to book this in on a more regular basis.


What should I expect when I have my unit serviced?

Great question – follow the link to our General Service page to find out more!

My unit isn’t working – what can I do to fix it myself?

Some problems can be easily rectified without a call out.  We suggest you check the following if your unit is currently not working:

  • Check the batteries in your remote and see if these need replacing
  • Check the settings on your remote and make sure you have selected the right mode e.g. Sun =Heat.  Check out our blog on Understanding your system controls to learn more
  • Check your filters are clean and not damaged – you should be able to see the material of your filter
  • Check your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped
  • Try resetting your unit – turn the isolator (circuit breaker or switch next to the unit) off and back on again
  • If there is a fault code displayed – write this down or take a photo and tell us when you call

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