Beat the chill this winter with VANDAS Refrigeration and Airconditioning!

Did anyone see the ‘How to beat the chill without the bill’ special on Weekend Sunrise?  

Showing a funny clip of an old favourite ‘Seinfeld’, Sunrise cover the basics of keeping warm this winter without receiving a huge bill to match.

The basics include getting a heating system that keeps costs down overall (one that matches your heating style) with old fashioned common sense that ensures your $$ go further including:

  • closing curtains in the evening
  • shutting off doors to rooms you don’t use
  • setting your Airconditioning tempreture to 23/24 degrees, can ALL save heating costs!

Vandas Refrigeration and Airconditioning can provide a free no obligation quote on installing a new Airconditioning unit that can keep you and your family warm this winter and breezy cool in Summer!  …..and as you’ll see in the Weekend Sunrise clip, refrigeration systems are an overall excellent and cost saving way to look after your family!  So talk to us about a professional, cost effective, on budget, heating solution.

We can also service or repair your existing unit! 

Watch now – Weekend Sunrise – ‘Beat the Chill without the Bill’ – published May 28th 9:38am

So contact us! 

Contact us.jpg

Contact us (0434 727 127) for more information:

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