Free diagnostic inspection on your broken Airconditioner

Is your Airconditioner currently not working?  Not doing what it should?  At this time of year…not doing the primary function of keeping you snuggly, toasty, warm?  

Then give us a call on 0434 727 127!  We care ….and to show we do, we are offering a free diagnostic inspection over the next two weeks*  Just mention this special when contacting us. 

So what is different about VANDAS Refrigeration and Airconditioning?

  • We aim to offer appointments that suit you
  • We will explain what the fault is and your options for finding a solution in detail
  • We can provide a comprehensive, affordable quote to repair your unit
  • Subject to your approval, most repairs can usually be carried out immediately
  • We will arrive when promised, we won’t keep you waiting
  • Our  repairs are carried out by competent, trained technicians
  • We will leave your home or work site clean and tidy

*This special expires midnight 06.07.17.  The special is for Airconditioning units that are not working and does not include general servicing of operating units.  Please call us on 0434 727 127 if you are not sure and we can discuss your options with you.

Contact us.jpg

Contact us (0434 727 127) for more information:

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