Breakdown Service and Diagnostic Callout

Unfortunately airconditioner units always face the risk of breakdowns.   We know how frustrating this can be so we aim to get your system back up and running as soon as possible.

  • We aim to offer appointments that suit you
  • We will explain what the fault is and your options for finding a solution in detail
  • We can provide a comprehensive, affordable quote to repair your unit
  • Subject to your approval, most repairs can usually be carried out immediately
  • We will arrive when promised, we won’t keep you waiting
  • We have clear and straightforward service rates, no hidden fees
  • Our  repairs are carried out by competent, trained technicians
  • We will leave your home or work site clean and tidy

Some problems can be easily rectified without a call out.  We suggest you check the following if your unit is currently not working:

  • Check the batteries in your remote and see if these need replacing
  • Check the settings on your remote and make sure you have selected the right mode.  Check out our blog on Understanding your system controls to learn more
  • Check your filters are clean and not damaged – you should be able to see the material of your filter
  • Check your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped
  • Try resetting your unit – turn the isolator (circuit breaker or switch next to the unit) off and back on again
  • If there is a fault code displayed – write this down or take a photo and tell us when you call
  • Don’t stress – we are happy to provide friendly advice so feel free to contact us!

Residential Breakdown and Servicing Costs

Commercial Breakdown and Servicing Costs

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