General Service

Airconditioning systems require regular attention. We recommend that your system(s) is maintained annually as a minimum, or depending upon the environmental conditions at your location, twice a year as the seasons change.

General Service – reverse cycle systems

  • We clean the return air filter, drip trays and unit facia
  • We check the refrigerant charge and functionality of the refrigerant devices
  • We check all electrical equipment, amperage, wiring and check tension of the terminals
  • We clean the indoor and outdoor coils
  • We inspect and clean the condensate drains
  • We inspect the pipework and insulation for damage and wear
  • We conduct an assessment of the fan motors
  • We check the controller functionality
  • We check the functionality of the zone control system (where applicable)

General Service – Evaporative systems

  • We assess the unit for any abnormal noises or vibrations
  • We assess the operation of the whole system
  • We clean sumps, pump inlet strainer and pump filters
  • We check all belts, set re-align and re-tension
  • We clean the fan cowling and fan blades
  • We check the operation of the controller
  • We check cooling pads, dropper and ductwork
  • We check electrical box and terminals.
  • We check casing fixtures and dropper mounts


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