Buying an Air conditioner

Before you buy an air conditioner consider the following:

1. Get the kW size right and you will receive optimal cooling from your air conditioner

The actual size of the air conditioner in kW is a vital consideration. If the kW capacity is too low the air conditioner will not cool the space adequately, if the kW capacity is too high, it may cause the air conditioner to cycle on and off more than it should. This will increase the wear and tear on your air conditioner’s components.

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2. Look for the star (or energy) rating label on the air conditioner

Energy pic

  • More stars mean more energy efficiency
  • More stars mean lower power bills
  • More stars mean less damage to our environment

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3. Think about the type of home you have

  • How many rooms do you want to cool/heat?
  • Do you have insulation?  What type?
  • What type of roof do you have?  pitched? flat?
  • Which direction does you home face?  Does it maximise natural energy properties?
  • What type of flooring do you have?
  • How high is your ceiling space?
  • Are you doors and windows draught proof?
  • What material is your home made out of?

Checklist for air conditioning

(information and image sourced from the Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy)

Read more in the attached Australian Government Department of Environment and Energy – Air conditioning is Cool (Air conditioning guide)